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About Center Stage Productions Bodybuilding Events

In affiliation with Global Bodybuilding Organization, Center Stage Productions produces bodybuilding events for professional and amateur athletes, and provides premium coaching services that forge champions. Click the link below for more information on Center Stage coaching services.

Rules & Regulations

  • All Athletes must be registered with GBO (Global Bodybuilding Organization) and have a current membership card prior to show date.

  • Athletes will be required to present their membership card, or proof of purchase during the show check-in process the night prior to each show.

  • Memberships are good for a full year from the date of purchase, and will be sent via email.

  • All registration and membership fees are final, no refunds.

  • GBO shows/events will now award all 1st and 2nd place winners as Globally Qualified to compete in 2024-2025 for your Pro Status. There will be 2 Global Qualifiers offered to all 1st and 2nd place winners in 2024 for a chance to win Professional Status; the Porter Classic and the Atlas International Morning Event.

  • The Open and Masters classes will be the only classes eligible for Pro Status winners.

  • There will be no overalls for Masters divisions, 5 or more in a class the winner earns Pro status.

  • Competitors will be required to receive their critiques at the end of a show. We are no longer accepting email, messaging or calls in regards to critiques. Critiques will be destroyed following each event if not picked up.


Division Information

  • Men's Bodybuilding - Open, Novice, Master's, Teen

  • Women's Bodybuilding - Open, Masters

  • Men's Classic Bodybuilding - Open & Master's

  • Women's Classic Bodybuilding - Open & Master's

  • Figure - Open, Novice, Master's, Teen

  • Fitness - Open, Novice, Master's, Teen

  • Men's Beach Body - Open, Novice, Master's, Teen

  • Women's Beach Body - Open, Novice, Master's, Teen

  • Shape - Open, Novice, Master's, Teen

  • Mixed Pairs - Open Only (non-qualifying)

  • Transformation - Unsanctioned

Master's Age Groups

  • 35 - 39

  • 40 - 44

  • 45 - 49

  • 50 - 54

  • 55 - 59

  • 60 - 64

  • 65 - 69

  • 70 +

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